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About me

I have recently graduated from Loughborough University, achieving a 2.1 studying Graphic Communication and Illustration. I always work hard to meet deadlines set and aim to achieve high standards in the level of my work.

I am an experienced illustrator, and enjoy approaching visual storytelling through graphic narratives. I also enjoy UI/UX design due to the focus on providing an effective service for people. I find that I am able to properly dedicate myself to this when the outcome is a product that I am passionate about, which has motivated me to work throughout the 2020 Summer on an app being developed by me and a close friend.

I am very organised and dedicated to my work, and am able to juggle responsibilities for different tasks very well. Whilst at university I volunteered part-time in retail, which required me to have an excellent routine in order to complete work for my degree to a high standard, whilst being able to get up early to work well at my shifts. This resulted in a very disciplined and structured routine to ensure I reached my full potential, something which I strive to achieve in whatever situation and environment I find myself in.


Whilst at university I found that a more productive life is incredibly important to my overall contentment and happiness, and I feel that this attitude has translated very well into all aspects of life, particularly my diligent and focused approach to work. Despite graduating to a very competitive and scarce job market, I have kept busy whilst applying for work, and am not limiting myself to things that I would necessarily 'like to do'. Since lockdown eased, I have started working at the same charity stores I volunteered at whilst at university. Although this work is not related to what I have learnt throughout my degree or what I am interested in, it has kept me in a good routine and helped maintain a positive mindset towards life and work. This has become even more evident in my approach to design work, as I am truly able to immerse and dedicate myself to working in an industry that I am passionate about.

I have a strong passion for making music in my spare time, and am very interested in its emotional qualities and subsequent connection to art.

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