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Throughout the Summer of 2020, me and a close friend have dedicated a lot of time to developing an app called LOFT (an acronym for Living on Fun Things), that we feel is very needed amongst young people.


The app recognizes that nightclubs, festivals and other social events such as concerts are exciting places to be with friends. However, when someone's had too much to drink, or you can't find someone, it can be a difficult time. To help protect our friends, we created Loft. Loft is a social app where friends can add each other before the event and during the event, each friend will be able to see each other’s location. Once the event is over, the party is dissolved and no one can view each other’s locations again. We feel that through this app, users can take pressure off trying to find their friends using text messages.

More information about the app can be found on its website:

This project is contanstly developing and changing as we get feedback from test users. This has been very helpful for my design process, allowing me to make continuous revisions and changes. Below shows the most up to date UI designs for the app, with older colour schemes and layouts being shown further down the page.

Screen 1.png
Screen 2.png
Screen 3.png
Screen 4.png
Tutorial Screen 1.png
Tutorial Screen 2.png
map error fixed join create.png
Screen 6 v2 create room.png
Screen 6 create room.png
Screen 7 join room.png
Screen 8 qr camera.png
Screen 11 map 3.png
Screen 12 map 4.png
Screen 14 profile page.png
Screen 5 settings.png

Below are some of my older designs for the app, showing how the UI has developed into a much more competent product thanks to continuous revisions and user feedback.

Screen 2 v2.png
screen 3 v3.png
Screen 4 v2.png
screen 5 v3 menu.png
Screen 7.png
Screen 8v2.png
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